Update By Terri Gilley Gilchrist (from Facebook)

CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS!!!! The journey has been rocky at best. Gari and Guido began their drive to Miami on Wednesday. They got caught up in the storms/tornadoes in Georgia. They said trees were flying onto the interstate so they got off and parked behind a building. Still did not feel safe so they sought cover inside. Then Guido’s oxygen machine stopped working. Fortunately they had backup tanks which got them to Miami until they could obtain another oxygen machine which gives Guido much better air flow.

Page 2. The bone marrow donor, Guido’s sister, had her own emergency on Saturday. Her husband had been sick, running a fever for several days and began having difficulty speaking and comprehending. He was taken to Saint Thomas hospital where he went into a grand mal seizure. At this time in ICU, he is being tested for meningitis and a ventilator is partially breathing for him. Hence, the decision was made that Guido’s mother would make the trip and be the donor for his stem cell procedure. Their flight left today at 12:45pm EST for the Dominican Republic.

Please pray, pray, pray. . . .I’ll update you more later. God bless.

(From a post by Terri Gilley Gilchrist on Facebook)

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