Making My Escape

I am getting out of the hospital on Monday, June 30. Lungs are very clear, breathing somewhat easier. Probably not up to 30% function, but maybe in mid 20’s. (up from 18% a month ago, and probably 10% last week.) I am sleeping better and able to eat without getting exhausted just from eating. Walked down the hallway and back today, got a little winded, but felt good.

We will stay down here for a bit to have some rest and down time before driving back to Nashville. I think we will begin making plans to move back to S. FL. It will be a good move for my health and a great move for our Rodan + Fields business. We plan on having a few business launch events while we are down here.

On June 9, we have a follow up appt with Dr. Grekos (he did the stem cell transplant). He is in the Naples area of FL. Now that my body is stronger, and healthier with adequate nutrition, those little stem cells should have something to work with. Expecting to see an increase in lung function in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks to all of you for the amazing support and prayers. Thanks to those of you who contributed financially to make the stem cell transplant possible. I will keep posting updates.

-Guido Angelo

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