A Very Slow Horse and Icebergs

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ok, I may be back in the saddle, but this horse has some problems. I think its muscles have almost atrophied from years of very little physical activity, and other issues related to Cystic Fibrosis.  I thought that my shoulders and neck were out of alignment and the muscles were knotted up like rocks… and they are.  But a recent adjustment and deep tissue work by a highly recommended Chiropractor revealed that every muscle in my body was knotted.  The previous week of physical therapy, and adjustment by another Chiropractor, were just beginning to scratch the surface.

I have been having headaches again, mostly while sleeping, but this time the headaches are not caused by CO2 like before.  My breathing is better and my lungs still very clear, so CO2 backup is not an issue. But, I think that as the Chiropractor and Physical Therapists have started working out some of the knots and alignment issues, from years of stress and low oxygenation, the movement and release of toxins are causing the headaches.  The loss of sleep has made the last couple of days difficult.  Monday, I had a really good day, relatively speaking, but on Tuesday and today (Wednesday) I have had more difficulty breathing and have had less energy.

This new Chiropractor starts with a thumper massage and heat, then does the deepest muscle work I have ever experienced.

Oh the pain…. It hurts so good!  He even had me laughing and crying at the same time.  He was working some ticklish areas while working deep into the muscle knots. That was a new experience. I cannot adequately describe the intensity of the pain. For every knot he dug into (he called it breaking the icebergs), my legs and arms were flailing. My wife was laughing while I was sliding off the table. I kept trying to escape, but he dragged me back onto the table, and I saw, not only stars, but new, future, galaxies that do not even exist.  Several times I had to tap out for a break just to catch my breath.  I cannot believe that I was sweating like a pig without doing any work. I think the muscle work must have opened up the lymphatic system, sweat glands, and just about every other part of my body that could respond to the excruciating excavation into my icebergs………

Sadistically, I can’t wait for the next adjustment. I few more of these, and I will be a new person, maybe even taller.

Then Gari had her turn for legal torture, and its my turn to laugh. The tissue work was so deep that she is turning black and blue.  She too cannot wait for a repeat excavation.

Tomorrow (Thursday), we go to Bonita Springs to see Dr. Grekos for a follow-up visit. He is the doctor who did the stem-cell transplant.

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