awakened by nose bleed

nose bleed became more than a challenge this am. awakened at 5:30 this am by massive nose bleed. i have never seen such a gusher, like a fire hydrant. Gari had to call 911 to get an ambulance take me to the ER. blood all over the sink, my face, shirt. when they rolled me into the ER, I heard several gasps at the nurses station. I realized how bad I must have looked when the ER nurses all gasp. the…y prob though that someone shot me in the face. please pray healing of the blood vessels and sinus tissue. pray for strength and rest for me and Gari. Working on uppacking, running our business, and taking care of me with concerns about leaving me alone are all wearing her out. I have what looks like a tampon shoved up my nose to pack the nose and stop the bleeding. this is one new experience I could have done without. have to keep this in for more than a day, then back to the doc tomorrow. And they put me on antibiotics while my nose is packed to avoid infection — did he mean “toxic shock syndrome” LOL. He cauterized the area last week, but obviously that was not enough. so I am reaching out to my FB prayer warriors for help. Thanks and God bless you. Speaking to the stem cell doc on Friday, so will post update after that.See More

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