Continuing Improvement in 2013

The stem cell treatments have definitely boosted my immune system. Caught a head cold a little more than a week ago. Felt the symptoms coming on Thurs night and Fri Morning.  I was completely over it by Monday morning with no residual effect.  No extra congestion in my lungs, no need for IV antibiotics like in the past. And even had a very busy week and several appointments each day. Also had to get up early every day this past week, got by on less sleep… and get this.  On every business appt I had this past week, I was completely off the oxygen tanks. Room air, and my O2 sats have maintainted at 95 and 96%.

Praise the Lord. My healing continues, my health continues to improve.  Never in my life have I ever recovered from a cold so quickly with absolutely no residual effect.  And I was even stronger than the week before the cold. In a normal week, I go through about 8 portable tanks to give me oxygen when I leave the house.  This past week, I was away from the house twice the hours as usual with all my appts, and only used up 1 1/2 tanks all week.

Looking forward to the next treatment, hopefully before the end of this year.
Thanks for all the prayers out there.

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