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I am posting this email to share commons questions and my answers from my own experience about receiving the adult stem cell treatment last May of 2011. I am concealing the names, other than my own, of course, so let’s call this woman Kate, and her two sons Fred and Dale. Her part is in black and my responses are in red.

(this is her latest response to my answers.)

Hi Angelo,

It was so good to hear from you. Your story is moving, uplifting and very informative. It has helped us enormously. Thank you. On Friday last, we spoke with Dr. Grekos and ironed out some more of the issues surrounding adult stem cells, procedures and treatment, Our youngest son, Dale, is most in need of therapy at this time FEVI between 18% and 20%. We were hoping to travel to ###, with Dale, as the journey to DR is too long for him. We will have to wait and see what Dr. Grekos can do. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Angelo, the boys have heavy colds and are more chesty at the moment. I will get back to you if we have any more questions. God bless.

All the best



(here is her original email with my answered embedded in red)


To: kate

Subject: RE: Stem Cell Regenocyte Treatment‏

Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 20:55:05 -0500

Kate, I wanted to get back to you asap. You are wise to have concerns and do your research. I was searching and researching for 2 years before I found Dr. Grekos and Regenocyte. I hope I can ease all your concerns. In a word…… GO FOR IT! I am planning on having a second treatment as soon as I can raise the money. My treatment was on May 4, 2011. I am alive today only because of the stem cells. Almost died 3 times earlier this year. One time my lungs quit moving. You can read more detail on my personal site click on Journal to see all my posts through the journey, you will read about the highs and lows. None of the lows were due to the stem cells, but rather due to end stages of CF. I was below 18% FEV1 before the treatment. now I am breathing in mid 20’s to over 30% on some days. Other pulmonary stats have improved by an even greater margin. 3 weeks ago my wife and I were at the Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser/Gala with Dr. Grekos. I danced 4 times and used oxygen for about 5 minutes after each dance. Other than that, I was off oxygen the entire night. Today, I was off oxygen for 4 hours. After 2 hours off ox. I moved some things into the house, and recovered without oxygen, and my O2 saturation level got back to 97. 8 months ago, my wife was pushing me around in a wheel chair. I answer your specific questions below in red after each question.

Also sending this CC to my wife, Greg Finley and Kelly Browning at Regenocyte. Hope you don’t mind.This is so new for the CF world, they need to hear what I am saying.


From: kate

Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 1:15 PM


Subject: Stem Cell Regenocyte Treatment‏

Hi Angelo,

My name is Kate, from ###. Kelly Browning, Patient Care Advocate, Regenocyte, gave me your email address. My two sons have cystic fibrosis and we are thinking about having stem cell therapy. Dale is 19 and has been quite unwell for a long time, he is oxygen dependent. Fred is just 24 and not as ill, though he had a bad year. As you are one of the patients who got the therapy, i would like to hear your experience.

The boys have been accepted on their medical records for therapy. We would like to know how you coped getting the therapy from the start of the procedure to the end.

Had no difficulties or issues at all.

Was it painful?


Were you worried about the safety of having stem cell put into your body?

Not worried at all. I would be concerned about embryonic stem cells, but these were adult stem cells from me and my mother from our bone marrow. Much like a marrow transplant for leukemia treatments.

How did you feel afterwards?

No different. I was almost dead from CF. the procedure was like a blood transfusion and did not cause any additional discomfort.

How long did it take to feel positive results?

About 6 to 8 weeks. Others experienced positive results sooner, but remember, I was so weak that I was almost dead. without the treatment, I probably would have been dead by June.

Our main priority is that the procedure is safe and wont have side-effects

(only side effect I think I am having is a stronger immune system) to the body afterwards or down the line. Also the company is not licenced

unfortunately, our government is manipulated by the big drug companies, therefore the procedure is not legal in the U.S. Since it is illegal, licensing is impossible. How sad!!! The medical community also is mostly bought by the big drug companies, so they do not believe in the results, and by and large are not even willing to conduct clinical trials. When intelligent scientists refuse to conduct trials to see if a treatment can help patients, there has to be a political and financial reason to violate the hypocratic oath so blatantly. My CF doctors in Nashville, TN refused to even have a discussion with me about stem cells. I had to leave Nashville to save my life. Those doctors in Nashville told me they were out of options. They were just waiting to hear that I was dead.

and does not have trials to show, though we can get beyond this. Kelly Browning, has reassured us on all these issues but its important to speak to you, who has been through it all. I read that you had got an improvement and heard from Kelly about your progress. Its great news. We would be very grateful to hear back from you. Thanks so much.


Write back if you have any other questions. If money is not an option, don’t delay. I knew a few years ago, that if I lived long enough, that adult stem cells would be the way to go. I almost did not make it. This is a God-send. Unlike many stem cell clinics around the world who give the identical treatment and introduce the stem cells all the same way, Dr. Grekos modifies the protocol depending on the need. For example, he introduces the stem cells into the body differently for heart patients than for lungs. He does this in a way that the organ or part of the body most in need, gets most of the stem cells. They can explain more about that. AS NIKE SAY, JUST DO IT!!!! I wish you well, God Bless YOU!!!



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