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The Give $1 and Tell 10 campaign began early April, 2014 as an effort to get more people involved as pioneers in Adult Stem Cell procedures to treat Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  The treatments have already proven to slowly reverse the damage caused by CF, but the procedures are not yet approved in the U.S. and thereby not covered by insurance.  The costs are high, but not when compared to conventional medical treatments for the disease.   Because these procedures are not mainstream in the medical community, and at this time are performed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, patients must spend additional money for travel and incidentals.  A caretaker for the patient is required, and it a donor is required, then 3 people must make the trip.  Total costs including travel and incidentals can run from $25,000 to $50,000 per treatment.

Our heart is to make these procedures possible for all CF patients. In addition to Angelo DiStefano, we know several CF warriors who are hoping to get the treatments in 2014, but cost is a barrier.  With you help, we can remove that barrier, and help these patient breathe many more days.  We can not only add years to their lives, but reverse the damage to their lungs and other organs thereby improving their quality of life.  Angel is now breathing easier and living 3 years beyond what would have been his funeral date without the treatments.  He has had 2 treatments, and is desperately in need of another. Another CF warrior just lost the battle last week.  We are grieved that he passed away before he was able to get the life saving treatment.  We take this very personally and need your help to build this fundraising effort to save lives.

How You Can Help with only ONE DOLLAR

Many people would like to help, but finances are tight.  So this campaign is designed so that everyone can give and make a significant impact by giving just ONE DOLLAR  telling 10 friends to do the same.  Tell them to Give $1 and Tell 10 more.  Every they repeat the process, they multiply your dollar by 10.  Your dollar can grow exponentially and make a huge impact.  So watch the video on the YouCaring site, then Give $1 and Tell 10. Thanks and God Bless You.

Click here to Give $1 and Tell 10 – to Stop the Deadly Progress of CF


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