Healthy Skepticism about Adult Stem Cells

In a world with many scams and opportunists (that is calling them by a nice name), some skepticism can be healthy. But be careful that your skepticism is not directed by the opportunists. To deflect the ugly side of their business, they will throw out social media campaigns about anything that threatens their financial windfall. While the foundation and the CF clinics and the drug companies have given us many good treatments and medications, when the greater good and health of CF patients comes into conflict with their profit, which do you think will prevail? It is a sad truth, but doctors actually get paid for prescribing medications and treatments. Don’t you think that is a conflict of interest? I thought it was illegal, but I am not sure. If your doctors are honest, ask them if they would prescribe the same drugs and treatments for their own family. Years ago, a doctor in Virginia took me off Spiriva because he said that is sometimes causes a drop in lung function. My lung function did drop significantly during the year I was using Spiriva. It stabilized when I quit using it. During my last stem cell treatment, Doctor Grekos was treating his own daughter. What does that tell you.

I was very skeptical about the whole stem cell thing at first. I was doing my research for a couple of years and knew a couple of things that were non-negotiable in my mind.

1. Adult stem cells only for me. I am not an advocate for embryonic stem cells.

2. I wanted a U.S. connection.

The first one was easy, since research was proving that adult stem cells were safer and more effective than embryonic cells. The second was becoming quite a challenge. I found clinics around the world that were doing stem cell procedures and claiming success. For language and cultural reasons, I wanted a U.S. doctor involved. My research was coming up empty until early 2011 when I discovered Doctor Grekos and the Regenocyte team. The procedure was offshore, but I found a U.S. connection.

I have to tell you, even a few weeks after the treatment, I was beginning to think I had been scammed out of a lot of money that hundreds of people had donated. I was sick about it. As you read about my journey, some of you may think, Aha! Placebo effect. Here is how you can know that this was not placebo effect. The entire premise of placebo effect is the the patient believes that a real treatment was administered and believes that a healing or improvement is taking place. By the fourth and fifth week after the procedure, I was no longer believing that anything worked, and I was convinced that the whole thing was bogus. However in the sixth and seventh week, I noticed that I was not going down hill anymore, but that was little consolation. Then weeks nine, ten, eleven, and beyond, things were happening. I was breathing more easily. Not struggling just to breathe. I was able to speak entire sentences without stopping to catch my breath. I was sleeping better, the headaches were subsiding. I could walk around with gasping for air. This was real. I was blogging my entire journey to share with those who donated the money and those who were praying for me. You can read my archives to get the full details.

So when I read questions like the ones below, at first I get a little upset. But then I realize that it is good to be skeptical. Just make sure that you are really thinking for yourself, and not just parroting what others are saying. Ask those same questions of skepticism about the current doctors and treatments in your life. I have done so for years and have taken myself off some treatments because of the inherent danger of those treatments. My current CF doctor is okay with my questions and the fact that I choose not to take certain treatments. But the doctors at the previous clinic wielded their mighty professional sword to coral me back into the conventional paradigm that is mandated by the foundation and the big drug companies. If you think for yourself and ask too many questions, they will not answer your questions, but label you as “non-compliant”. Seriously, they do that. It was in my medical records. They take away your choice. I had to leave Nashville to save my life, because their choices were slowly killing me and milking me for the most amount of drugs they could give me before I died. And they refused to document some meds that almost killed me.

Someone posted these comments/questions recently that prompted me to write this post. here is what the person wrote:

  • “Angelo are you receiving, or due to receive, free or reduced-price treatments in return for informally publicising Regenocyte’s work? Do you have any agreements with them, informal or otherwise, beyond the standard one their patients have when paying full-price for their services?
    I ask, because I am concerned to see unproven, perhaps quack-science, presented as “fact” to a community that is vulnerable, hopeful and sometimes desperate.”

    This is the reply I posted:

    I have no agreements. I have been posting several things that work well for me. And I post exactly because of the same concern you have. I have tried many things and lost a lot of money, even been scammed a bit, looking for alternatives to the conventional medical treatments that work. Especially when the CF doctors tell me that they give up and have no other options for me. I have been almost dead many times, and God has rescued me off my death bed many times. I also have tried many things. I will not share the stuff that does not work. I only focus on the things that work. Like adult stem cells, RIFE, Standard Process products (Cyruta Plus and Congaplex), and deep exhaling exercise to clear the lungs. Just recently I started taking NAC capsules. I think it is reducing congestion, but still too early to tell. So I have not written about that yet. I have posted these things on my blog and FB Fan Page and shared with the world, and specifically the CF community, exactly because of the concern you mentioned, “a community that is vulnerable, hopeful and sometimes desperate.”

    I am sharing what has made a difference in my life. My lung function is not up in the 80’s like a lung transplant patient, but the lung transplant is not for everyone, and many lung transplant patients don’t make it. Likewise, the adult stem cell treatments are not for everyone. And they will not heal CF. They will probably not get me to 80% FEV1. And yes, it is a slow, very gradual process of growing new lung tissue. And Yes CF is still progressive. So we most likely will need more treatments. Do you ask the same questions of conventional treatments? I was getting IV Med Tune-ups 4 times a year, up til 2011. So why are you not asking the CF clinics why the drugs are not reversing CF? (Yeah, I know about Kalydeco and its variations. Some hope there, but not for all. And how much does it cost???) Despite the meds, I was getting worse year after year. That is the nature of CF. We are fighting back with everything we can. As for the mainstream medical treatments, you hear the success stories, but I know of failures as well, and also of mistakes the transplant docs have made that resulted in deaths. I understand your skepticism about adult stem cells, and before my treatment, I too was concerned, but I figured that I had nothing to lose, since I would have been dead in a matter of weeks anyway. For too many reasons I don’t need to go into here, lung transplant was not an option for me. We raised a lot of money, and I went for it. That was 3 1/2 years ago. So (name withheld), if you want to be objective about your skepticism, do you research and find out more about what is really going on in the medicine and transplant world, and uncover the lies that most of us are not hearing to protect the multi-billion dollar industry that has much to lose if adult stem cell treatments become mainstream. And the foundation is part of the problem. So I could ask you the same question. Are you being paid by the drug companies and the foundation to smear the name of a doctor who is providing successful treatments and hope, where otherwise none exists. He has treated about a thousand patients in 8 years for a variety of conditions with nearly 100% success rate. Can you say that about anything from the drug companies, the CF clinics, and the foundation. And not one death caused by the stem cells. I almost died, but it was because of the severity of CF. The stem cells brought me back to life. That is why I am so passionate about sharing the news.

    I realize that in writing this, I may have crossed a point of no return. I will probably become a target going forward. But someone needs to get the word out about alternate treatments that work, and the establishment is fighting back because they have much to lose. They have run a smear campaign on Doctor Grekos and claimed that he is killing people for a profit. Really! And you are not concerned about the billions the drug companies are making with every new drug that ends up on class action-wrongful death commercials a couple of years later. I have not had nor needed a tune-up in over 3 years. Those IV drugs were slowly killing me. That is close to $1 million in lost revenue for the drug companies due to my stem cell treatments. I am guessing that the heat will be turned up on me now. I fully expect a push back from the mainstream community. But that should only validate my suspicions. What are they hiding?

    I will keep sharing as long as I have breath to live. Thank you Doctor Grekos and your entire team. You are a life saver.

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