Raising Funds Again to Stop the Deadly Progress of Cystic Fibrosis

Wow, it has been an incredible month (August), and we are looking forward to a great 2nd half of the year.  If you remember, I wrote earlier this year and even in 2010, that I was believing for 2011, my 50th year on Earth, to be a Jubilee year for us.  That is a year of restoration of all things (Isaiah 61).


2011 started off very rough, but the greater the tribulation/tsuris, the greater the opportunity for God to do great and mighty things.  God has begun the process of restoring my health.  Our marriage relationship is stronger than ever and improving every day, and our business is getting back on track and poised for amazing growth, despite our not being able to work on it in the past year.


God created our bodies with a particular type of cell that we call stem cells.  These amazing cells have the ability to create every kind of cell and tissue in our bodies.  Only in recent years, has man discovered these cells and the power inherent in them. Three months ago, I almost died from a lack of lung function, due to the progressive nature of Cystic Fibrosis. For the medical people, my FEV1 was below 18%. That is not enough to even sustain life, so my body was wasting away.  At the time of the stem cell procedure, I almost died on the surgery table.  A few days later, my lungs quit moving for a few seconds.  Now (at the 3 month mark), my FEV1 is 32%. On some days, I am able to go for several hours without the supplemental oxygen.


Dr. Grekos, my stem cell doctor, tells me that it is time to go for a 2nd treatment. So we have to raise funds again.  This time, we do not have to raise as much as we did before.  We live in South Florida, so we will not need to rent vehicles for travel, and will not need to stay in hotels in Florida during recovery.  Since I am starting in a much healthier condition, I can be in and out of the Dominican Republic in less than a week and will not need such a lengthy recovery period as I did the 1st time.  This means that we need to raise about $40,000 total.  In April, we raised $60,000 in 3 weeks.


As soon as we raise the $40,000, we can schedule the treatment.  Our goal for the next treatment is to get my lung function up to 50%.  After that, Dr. Grekos, tells us that I will probably need a 3rd treatment for my lungs.  Then we may try to do a treatment for the pancreas to eliminate the need for enzyme supplements and improve my overall nutrition absorption.


So I am looking to my FB friends and others to start sharing the word and praying and making contributions.


How to Help

Again, I have partnered with the Stem Cell Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising assistance. They provide both tax deductibility and fiscal accountability to contributors. And 100% of the money donated in my name will assist us.

If you are sending a check, write it to “The Alliance” with “Cystic Fibrosis FEV1” in the memo field.

Mail to:
The Alliance
9500 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 211
Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

Or for faster contribution, you can go to their website:


1. Click on “Make a Donation”, then you have to fill in some fields.

2. In the comment field, enter “Cystic Fibrosis FEV1”.

3. Fill out the rest of the fields then proceed to checkout to pay by credit card, check card or paypal.

For more details, including previous postings (archives or journal) you can visit www.angelodistefano.com, and learn more about Cystic Fibrosis, Regenocyte, and the Stem Cell Alliance. FYI: Regenocyte does only adult stem cell procedures – not embryonic stem cells.

If you choose to make contributions directly to Angelo DiStefano, you are free to do so. Such contributions will assist in covering many of our other expenses that are not directly related to the procedure.  Such expenses are general cost of living expenses, that we continue to incur, even when we are unable to work for short periods of time.  But you will not get a tax deduction for such contributions.  If you want the tax deduction, you must go through the Stem Cell Alliance.  For direct contributions, you can mail checks to Angelo DiStefano, 1740 19th Terrace, #102, Delray Beach, FL 33445.

Thank you in advance for your quick response and contributions to save my life. Words cannot express our gratitude! God bless you.


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