Latest news in Adult Stem Cell Development and Treatments

Just got some great news from Regenocyte. They have developed an adult stem cell procedure to take stem cells from fat tissue, which is much richer in stem cells than bone marrow. Also a method to concentrate the stem cells to deliver 10 times more stem cells with each treatment that also will be much more effective. Because of the different nature of the process, they are investigating the possibility of doing the procedure in the US. They are aggressively working on this everyday to get me in for the next procedure asap. Please keep this in your prayers, specifically that a US treatment option will be allowed by FDA. Also pray that this happens in a matter of weeks, not months.

The new drug that just got approved (today, Feb 1, 2012) by FDA to reverse a specific genetic defect costs $300,000 per patient, per year. This drug actually tinkers with the patient genetic material. Problem: it only works on a specific mutation that affects only 4% of the CF population. Have no idea of any side effects. It is supposed to stop the progression, but it does not reverse the existing lung damage. Stem cells reverse the damage, and for $300,000 they can treat about 10 patients.

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