Nose Bleed Persists, Please Pray

I awoke this morning about 8:30 feeling fluid in the back of my throat. I recognized that feeling and quickly sat up and spit up a mouthful of blood. I guess its better in my throat than all over the pillow. I squeezed my nose, balled up a tissue, and shoved it up my nose. I squeezed again, trying to get to the sink. I thought about calling 911, but could not get to my phone in the kitchen until I stopped the bleeding. It took me an hour to get the bleeding under control, and I lost about a cup of blood.


By the time I got to my phone and had the bleeding under control, I remembered the last major nosebleed incident about three years ago. I bled about a pint before the emergency room staff got it under control. The paramedics wheeled me in on a gurney, and I was holding a wash basin to catch the blood with one hand and squeezing my nose with the other.  As I was wheeled in, I heard the nurses behind the counter gasp in horror–I looked like a crime scene.

They did not cauterized the ruptured blood vessel. Their only goal was to stop the bleeding. They shoved what was basically a medical tampon in my nose, and a few hours later, my wife drove me home. It was after the debacle that I met with a doctor who cauterized the blood vessel.

This morning, once I stopped the bleeding, I realized that the emergency room would only do the same thing. So I will keep tissue stuffed up my nose until tomorrow, then see the doctor for the cauterization.

The timing of this is a potential problem. Wednesday, July 16, I am scheduled to have a comprehensive pulmonary functions testing. My cystic fibrosis doctor wants to do the tests so that he will have proof of whether the stem cells work or not. Then at the end of the month, we are scheduled to fly to the Dominican Republic for the adult stem-cell treatment.

This is the third time this blood vessel has ruptured in the last two weeks. If I don’t get this under control tomorrow, that could pose serious problems for the functions testing and the treatment.

As we improve the health of my lungs, I will not need oxygen. Oxygen is very drying to the nasal passages and contributes to the bleeding problem. The pressure of persistent hard coughing can also contribute to rupturing the blood vessels. So I really need the stem-cell treatment.

We have been very blessed for this treatment. Our flights were donated, and the money for the treatment was donated by an person who prefers to remain anonymous. I am forever grateful.

My prayer warriors out there, I am calling on you again. Please pray.

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