Poodle Arms

I just shaved my arms in preparation for the next couple of weeks. No it’s not a body-building competition. My body is way too svelte for that…by the way, I would have to shave my entire body for that event. My Fibro’s (Cystic Fibrosis brothers) know why I do this. For the rest of you, I have very hairy arms. I am going into the hospital for a tune-up, which means heavy duty intravenous antibiotic treatments among other therapies. I have not had, nor needed a tune-up in four years, and this is the first time with the Cleveland Clinic and my current CF doctor. So I am not sure if they plan on doing regular IV lines or a PICC line. Regardless, the requisite taping and bandage dressings do not blend well with hairy arms. Especially the tape removal part — OUCH! OUCH! and more OUCH!

Ergo, the pre-shaved arms. I left the fluffy wrists for dramatic flair. My wife calls them poodle arms. What do you think?

IMG_0884 IMG_0886









Plus this gives the ghouls a clearly visible roadmap to find my veins when starting the IV line.

The Tobi inhalation antibiotics and oral Cipro were not working to alleviate recent exacerbations. Up until about a year ago, I was doing really well and have been free of MRSA since 2011. So when these antibiotics did not give me good results in clearing out the infection in my lungs, I should have realized that I may have picked up MRSA again. Not sure why I did not suspect this last year. Anyway, a recent sputum culture revealed that I did, in fact, have MRSA in my lungs again. That explains a lot, especially not responding as well to the 3rd stem cell treatment. I was becoming much more active and able to get out and about without my portable oxygen tanks after the first two treatments. But last year something changed. Now I know it was a return of MRSA. I could have picked it up just about anywhere, so to the other CF Warriors, stay vigilant. I believe that without the third stem cell treatment, I would have gone down much faster, because my downward spiral did slow down last summer and fall.

Oral antibiotics did not affect the MRSA; although I have been able to reduce some of the effect in my lungs with our RIFE device. This is how I got rid of MRSA 4 years ago. But the MRSA bug I have now is much more stubborn. I need a better way to diagnose the exact nature of the bug, so I can find the right RIFE frequency sets to kill it off. In the meanwhile, I cannot seem to get rid of the congestion as fast as my lungs create it, and I cannot seem to get enough sleep. So the tune up (read: “heavy guns”) appears to be my only choice for now. I just need to get ahead of this, then I can do a detox from the drug residue later.

If anyone knows about RIFE and muscle testing, please msg me on Facebook. I think that would be my best bet for finding the right frequencies to kill off the bugs in my lungs. The IV antibiotics will set it back and put the MRSA into remission, but they never kill the bugs.

That is all for now. I will not be taking my computer into the hospital, so I will have limited capacity to provide updates. I will try to make some updates on FB from my iPhone, but I don’t like the FB app for iPhones. Anyway, for those of you who pray, please add me to your prayer list. Thanks, God bless all of you, and Happy Purim. Satan tried to kill the Jews, he failed, God prevailed and we live, Amen.

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