Praising Him

June 8, 2011

Now that my faculties are returning, I am long overdue in giving praise to the One who has carried me through difficult times and will never leave me nor forsake me.

He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega
He is my creator, the author and finisher of my faith
He is the Rose of Sharon and Balm of Gilead
He is the Prince of Peace
He is Wonderful and Counselor
He is Love
He is Grace
He is Mercy and Forgiveness
He is the lover of my soul
He is my provider
He is my banner
He is my healer
He is my deliverer and redeemer
He is Yeshua (literally “God Saves” or “God’s Salvation” in Hebrew)
He is my is my identity and significance, my everything
He is Life, even Life Abundantly
He is my eternity
In Him, I have all that I need, without Him I have nothing
He is the Resurrection Power
He is Lord of lords and King of kings, creator of the universe
He is my very breath of life, the Ruach (Hebrew for Spirit and for breath)
He is Abba-Daddy
He is God Almighty
Everylasting Father
The Son who gave His life for Me
And Holy Spirit who gives me life and Resurrection Power

You gave your all for me, all I have to give you is myself.  Hardly a fair trade, but I give my all to you.  Have your way with me, Your Will be done.
Thank you Jesus!

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