Reflecting on 2012

Reflecting on the year. I have been more active and getting more involved in our local community. I have more good days, and very few bad days. God is good, and the adult stem cell treatments have proven to be very successful. I have caught very few colds (only twice in the last year and a half). I was able to recover from the colds both times in a matter of a few days with no exacerbations. In the past, the colds would have put me in the hospital, or at best, required home IV antibiotic treatments. But these past two times, no excessive congestion and complete recovery in less than a week. I know that one result of the treatments was to strengthen my immune system.

Sorry for not continuing with posting and creating the videos, but as I came back to life, I started getting back to working on our business and loving it. Gotta create income for those bad habits of needing a roof over our head and eating every day. LOL I still have to take a few hours every day for therapies to keep my lungs clear, open and functioning well, but before the stem cell treatments, I was too weak to even do the therapies and even too weak to eat. My body was sliding into complete shut down in the spring of 2011.

Next year we are planning for the next treatment to take my breathing function to the next level. At this point, I am still using supplemental oxygen to sleep and get around. However, there are many times, that I am breathing well enough to take off the oxygen tube and put the tank aside for several hours. We recently worked a trade show for 2 long days, and I was able to get by for more than 8 hours each day without the oxygen.

Not a day goes by, that I do not reflect on this gift of life, and the contributions that so many of you made to save my life. Many of you I know, but, amazingly, many whom I do not know also contributed. I am so thankful for all of you and wish I could do more to show my appreciation.

God Bless all of you, and I wish you a HEALTHY and prosperous new year!!!!
Angelo DiStefano (Guido)


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