Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Therapies

A few weeks ago, I learned about Regenocyte in Bonita Springs, FL ( ). The team at Regenocyte has been effectively administering adult stem cell therapies for heart and lung disorders for a few of years now with amazing results.

I spoke to a woman, age 40 living with CF, who had the therapy on Feb 24 of this year. Upon walking up a flight of steps she was out of breath. Only 3 weeks after her treatment, she is able to walk up the steps with no shortness of breath.

The adult stem cells, from bone marrow, regenerate new lung tissue over time, in particular, the mucus producing cells are replaced with normal cells that will produce normal secretions in the lungs. The abnormal CF cells produce a sticky secretion that blocks airways and becomes a breeding ground for airborne bacteria and other organisms. So far, there are not any rejection issues in the body or any negative side effects.

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