Trial of Antibiotic (Cayston)

About mid March of 2011, the doctors prescribed a new inhaled antibiotic (Cayston) as an attempt to control the infection and congestion in my lungs. My lungs and entire body had a serious negative reaction, my lungs swelled up, and the drug almost killed me. I quit the Cayston after only 4 days, and could not breathe well enough to lie down or sleep for another 2 days. It took a week to recover, but not sure I am back to my baseline.

Just so you know, my baseline has dropped to a level that is barely enough to sustain life. The last time I was did the testing, my lung function was about 23 to 24% (FEV1 pulmonary function). I think I am below that right now. I am not sure that I can survive another exacerbation. Simple tasks, such as walking across the room or even brushing my teeth, cause a serious shortness of breath. I rarely leave the house, because I lack the strength and breathing function to do anything. Sleep is not restful, and I wake up exhausted.

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