We are in the DR…!!!

Praise the Lord, we are in the hotel in DR. Mom is with us. Tomorrow is a free day, then Tuesday is the procedure. I will write more tomorrow with details of the unbelievable journey to get here. It was like a bad Chevy Chase vacation movie where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So much so that you would just say “that is so unrealistic, but that’s just Hollywood comedy”. Either we have been really, really bad, or God has an amazing calling on us, because the devil has pulled out all the stops to try to me out, but God has made the path clear, against all odds.

My mind is racing and wants to write more, but I am beyond exhausted. The flight took a lot out of me, and I am struggling to breath and recover from the flight. Did you know that jets are pressurized at 6,000 feet elevation. Like trying to breath in Denver. Usually takes me a day or two to recover. I have to rest now, but pray for restful and restorative sleep for all 3 of us, pray for stress relief and relaxation for Gari and my Mom. Pray for my sister Dorothy and her husband Lewis, who is comatose & on life support, last I heard.

Tune in later tomorrow for more details.

Good night and God Bless YOU!!!!! You are all part of something BIG that God is doing.


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